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Game Over Anaheim

Hello everyone, I am back after a week off to rest my back and working OT at my real job, I am back for some NHL goodies for all of you.  Today we kick off a show within a show, called Game Over! Where we say Goodbye to everyone as their season ends, whenever that is, don't worry everyone will get one, either in article or podcast (Coming Soon!) This week we start with the Happiest Place on Earth, NO! NOT PALM SPRINGS!  Anaheim California Home of the 2007 Stanley Cup Champions and they are more than happy to tell you that, founded in 1994 and have through some name changes.  Ladies and Gentleman The Anaheim Ducks! The past 2 years the Ducks have been coached by Randy Carle, his coaching methods are a bit dated, how dated, to quote a great NHL Youtuber Griffti:  Under Carle, they were rent D2 from Blockbuster Video, while the rest of us are using Hulu and YouTube."   Randy did know the modern game and simply relied on an aging core in Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan Kessler.  So several changes were made during the end of last season (I mean in early 2019)   Randy was Fired, replaced with an interim coach.   Then, Corey Perry was buyout and send to Dallas   Kessler was sent to IR for his own health, possibly for good. Dallas Eakins was promoted from San Diego to Ducks HC With Dallas at the helm, he brought young talent up from san Diego and the Duck rolled with a young depth at the forward and on defense, in hopes of an easy transition.  Sure, Rakell Hienin, Milano, Max Jones and sam Tell are all 27 and younger, but with Adam Henquire and Kessler at the front, that should be enough to stabilize until they get good...right?!  Well, NO!

All the youngins took a step back this season, underachieving in both point production and skill, sure Rakell put up some decent number at (15G and 27A) but Steel (6G, 16A) for an NHL Forward, Ondrej Kase had (7G,16A) at RW before being shipped out to Philly, outside of Henquire, Kessler and Silverberg, everyone underachieved and the Ducks couldn't keep pace in a weak Pacific Division.  

Cap Wise, these teams aren't in too bad of shape compared to other teams we will see on this list:  Henrique and Silverberg are locked up for the next 5 years till they are 35 each, I've seen worse!    Getzlaf has 2 more years until he either goes Ring chasing or skates towards the HHOF.  Most of the kids are still on ELC or short term 2/3-year deals that would hurt the budget too much, the defense core has money in it as well Cam Fowler, Lindholm, Josh Mason, and deadline rental turned 2-year deal Christain Djoos.  Michael Del Zotto will be a Free Agent whenever the 2020 season starts and with more talent on the way, I wouldn't be surprised if he tests the market, I bet some sucker will get him.  Please be Toronto! As for Goalies: They got John Gibson long term as in the next 7 years at age 26, at least it's not 8x10 like a certain goalie in Florida.  Their backup is on the last year of his deal....RYAN MILLER?!! HE'S STILL IN THE LEAGUE?!! And HE's 39 and still playing...God Bless!! The Analytics Report, courtesy of the Ice Analytics Podcast and friends of this podcast, did their annual Rates of this team. Here's an Excerpt from tweets The Ducks had some good overall players up front, including Henrique, Silfverberg and Terry. Silfverberg has quietly been improving his game the past 3 seasons. Unfortunately, most of the forward depth is suspect and looks like a defensive liability. On defense, Cam Fowler played very impressively. You wouldn’t know just looking at the results, but he actually set career marks in xOffense and xOverall production. The rest of the defense (except Guhle) was poor offensively. They were stout on the PK, no thanks to goaltending. Please go give them a like and follow, if you are into numbers and Hockey Geekdom.  Overall, this was a punt year for the Black and Gold of SoCal, they are at the beginning of a transition and there will be some growing pains along the way.  If the young talent can develop into sold depth pieces and they can get one last run out of Kessler and the aging core, then anything is possible.  However, I don't think that can happen, this team doesn't have a young #1 Star, much less a #1 at all.  Kessler is good, but can Getzlaf still go at his age, and is Henquire a long term #2 scorer, and if the youth doesn't develop into #2 and #3 scores then all you have is a bunch of parts with no real guide to bring it all together.   Sure, it can work if the system allows it, like the Islanders, but with Anaheim, I think they missed their chances a few years ago when they blew at 3-2 series lead Vs Chicago. Anaheim did get an early start on a rebuild, so let's hope it comes home, they are the best team of the California 3 (Sharks, Kings, Ducks) so that's a good thing. To the Anaheim Ducks, we say GAME OVER!    Well, that will do it for me, on this edition of Game Over, next time we go to BuffaLOL and NO, that is not a typo! That's My Opinion  Follow Me on Twitter @RBloss64 for hockey, wrestling, and some really weird stuff too. 

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