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My Next Chapter and the Future of this NHL Season

Hello everyone, my name is Richard Blosser and I will be covering the NHL for The Source. I am extremely honored that they chose this hack with the microphone and a big imagination. So with that out of the way, the NHL will be starting up phase two of their reopening process on Monday. This means NHL clubs will be able to hold individual workouts at the team's practice facilities. For someone who has not seen hockey in over 3 months, and is really desperate for said sport, this is a welcome sight indeed. Now both the players and the owners have signed off on this mutant hybrid playoff scenario. And while certain older fans and turn fans may not approve of this, it's something and it's better than nothing. The way the song and dance will go is that the top four seeds in each conference have already qualified for the playoffs. The remaining 8 teams from each conference will play in a qualifying round which is a best-of-five to determine who will play the top four seeds. It's already refreshing to see blog posts trying to break down the series early with some juicy matchups. Pittsburgh vs Montreal Vancouver Vs Minnesota  Chicago vs Edmonton  Florida vs New York Islanders  These are some matchups at me personally I'm excited about and we'll break down at a later date. But for now oh, the hockey machine is slowly moving along and the NBA already has a plan moving forward. Lourdes football looks to be returning in September and Major League Baseball needs to get their butts in gear.  Maybe there is some light at the end of the tunnel. That's my opinion 

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