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Does it Make Sense for the Seattle Seahawks to Sign FA WR Antonio Brown?

I am generally not a fan of teams giving players with exhaustingly long laundry lists of off the field troubles chance after chance to right their sinking ship, but Antonio Brown is a rare exception. Before tempers flared between Big Ben and Brown in Pittsburgh, which eventually resulted in Brown demanding a trade, the perennial All-Pro wideout was one of, if not arguably the most productive WR in the National Football League. Brown in 131 career games played (103 starts) amassed ridiculous numbers, which include: 841 receptions (leading the league in ’14 &’15), 11,263 yards (leading league in ’14 &’17) and 75 receiving touchdowns. The man was, in simplest terms, unstoppable.

Upon entering the league in 2010, Brown ranks second among all NFL wide receivers in Receptions, Yards, and Touchdowns. This is even accounting for the 2019 season where he only played ONE game with the New England Patriots (Week 2). Not to mention Brown’s incredible 5 year span from 2013-2017 where he broke both of Marvin Harrison’s records for the most receptions and receiving yards in a five year span by a WR in NFL History. Brown also became the first WR in history to record 100+ receptions in five consecutive seasons and then tacked on a 6th season in 2018. 

So does it make sense for the Seattle Seahawks to take a risk and sign FA WR Antonio Brown? Yes it makes sense and here’s why:

As I am sure many of you have seen on Twitter in the last couple days a viral video has surfaced of Seattle’s Franchise QB Russell Wilson and FA WR Antonio Brown taking reps together on a practice field. Seattle has also shown interest in Brown in the past, specifically in 2019 after Brown’s short, nightmarish tenure in Oakland before signing with the New England Patriots. Seattle Seahawks Head Coach, Pete Carroll even confirmed these rumors in 2019. Any NFL QB would be lying if they said they would not love to be throwing to the likes of Brown and Russell Wilson is no exception to that.

This also would not be the first time the Seattle Seahawks have taken a risk on a high profile player during Pete Carroll’s tenure. Some examples include Bruce Irvin, Percy Harvin and Frank Clark. Pete Carroll has proven that the culture he has created in Seattle has a knack to turn troubled players around and turn them into star NFL players. Or in Brown’s case get him back to the level of play people are so used to seeing him play at. So why not take the risk on Antonio Brown? The risk-reward return would be outstanding if they could get Brown back to his All-Pro level of production. 

Lastly, adding such a talented WR to Seattle’s current offensive roster would be SCARY. Giving Russell Wilson another star-studded threat in Brown would have him atop any MVP race list in my opinion. Plug in Brown with the likes of Tyler Lockett, second year star in the making D.K. Metcalf and newly signed veteran TE Greg Olsen would be a nightmare for defenses creating a gameplay when preparing to faceoff with the Seahawks. For Seattle it would almost seem to good to be true and if they could get that offense to click we would get to witness one of the best shows on a football field. 

It is a no brainer for Seattle. Get in talks with Brown, bring him into the facility and feel him out. Lay everything out in front of him on the table and let him know if he wants to get back to his star days in the NFL, Seattle is the place for him. 

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