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My Breakdown of the Newest NHL Franchise

Hello everyone, sorry this article is a bit late, we at The Source are so excited that baseball is back, we almost forgot about the NHL logo and jersey reveal for the new NHL team in Seattle Washington.  And they will be called;

The Seattle Kraken  (logos from 

Also here is a breakdown of the Kraken "S"

So first off, I am not a fan of the whole "Here is the meaning of our logo" breakdown, usually they are all tiny subtle meanings that not ordinary fan cares about.  Ex: There are 27 points in the Maple Leafs logo, which represent the 27 Stanley Cups that Toronto has won, find me a Maple Leaf fan that has counted each point to realize this.  However, I will say Seattle kept it simple with only 4 references in their logo and each one makes sense, well done.  

Next are the Jerseys:  Pictures from

First, the home blue unis, colors are Deep Sea Blue, Ice Blue, "Boundless Blue" and Red or "Red Alert"

I LOVE these, we haven't seen a deep blue as a primary color in a while, since the early 2000s Islanders and Oilers.  The colors seem to flow together and just enough red to give this a clean look, also Ice Blue numbering, and lettering on the back.  

Now the Road Whites and ugh, I'm not a fan of this, unlike the rest of the hockey fanbase, these seem very bland with the all-white and very little color, almost minimalist and I hate minimalist looks (See San Jose.)    The red striping and the Ice Blue striping into Deep Sea Blue is a nice touch though and Deep Sea Blue Number and Lettering are good, and I will need to see these on ice for a final judgment.

All in all, this is a very good look for the 32nd team of the NHL, The Seattle Kraken are here and are ready to take your favorite players in the near future.  

Happy Opening Day, Welcome Back Sports 

That's my Opinion

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