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NFL Final Big Board and Mock Draft

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

With the draft merely hours away, here is our final big board and mock draft with trades. As always, a lot of hard work went into this so if you have any disagreements or problems with what your team did here, remember that this is just our opinion of what may happen tonight and we can discuss more in the comments! Enjoy and let's have an electric draft day!

Final Big Board (Bolded players are taken in R1 of the Mock Draft)

  1. Aiden Hutchinson, EDGE, MICH

  2. Evan Neal, OT, BAMA

  3. Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, CB, CIN

  4. Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, ORE

  5. Travon Walker, EDGE, UGA

  6. Charles Cross OT, MISS ST

  7. Ikem Ekwonu, OT, NCST

  8. Garrett Wilson, WR, OSU

  9. Kyle Hamilton, S, ND

  10. Derek Stingley, CB, LSU

  11. Jordan Davis, DT, UGA

  12. Jameson Williams, WR, OSU

  13. Devin Lloyd, LB, UTAH

  14. Tyler Linderbaum, C, IOWA

  15. Chris Olave, WR, OSU

  16. Zion Johnson, IOL, BC

  17. George Karlaftis, EDGE, PUR

  18. Drake London, WR, OSU

  19. Kenyon Green, IOL, TX A&M

  20. Trent McDuffie, CB, WAS

  21. Jermaine Johnson II, EDGE, FSU

  22. Nakobe Dean, LB, UGA

  23. Lewis Cine, S, UGA

  24. Malik Willis, QB, LIB

  25. Trevor Penning, OT, UNI

  26. Kaiir Elam, CB, UF

  27. Daxton Hill, S, MICH

  28. David Ojabo, EDGE, MICH

  29. Devonte Wyatt, UGA

  30. Tyler Smith, OT, TULSA

  31. Roger McCreary, CB, AUB

  32. Quay Walker, LB, UGA


1. Jaguars: Aiden Hutchinson, EDGE, MICH

- While I understand the Travon Walker hype, in my opinion, Walker is better on his feet and using his speed to his advantage, the Jaguars just extended Josh Allen and drafted Chaisson in 2020. Hutchinson is a better fit in my opinion, as he can replace Robertson-Harris or Smoot at the 3 tech DE spot with his hand in the ground and a great blend of power and speed.

2. Lions: Travon Walker, EDGE, UGA

- I personally have Thibodeaux ranked higher than Walker, but Travon is shooting up boards for a reason and I can’t ignore it at this point. I understand that people think DET needs secondary help more than they need help on the line, but I think they’re letting Okudah get another chance and with Elliot and Walker playing safety and the emergence of Oruwariye and the signing of Mike Hughes, I think they’ll go for the edge rusher, and they need someone with athletic potential to change the defensive line, scouts seem to think that is Walker, so while I would take Kayvon, Walker is who I project here.

3. Saints (traded 16, 19, 2023 R3, 2024 R1 to HOU, and R4 for 3 and 107): Ikem Ekwonu, OT, NCST

- Ekwonu is a perfect pick for NO in this situation. I understand that this is a big trade for NO to make, but the fact of the matter is that they lack a LT and Ekwonu has been playing LT his entire career. In addition, NO is a dominant running offense and Ekwonu is the most established run blocker in this draft. He can fit in easily with this run scheme and while NO may benefit from having the two later picks, this is a top-heavy draft when it comes to the OL and NO can really benefit from his huge frame and athleticism.

4. Jets: Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, CB, CIN

- About as easy of a slam dunk pick as there could be here. With Bryce Hall and DJ Reed as the starting corners, this Jets team desperately needs a lockdown corner, with Sauce’s experience, size, and athleticism as well as the ability to play a man/zone hybrid role in different situations, he is the perfect corner for Salah’s defense here in NYJ.

5. Giants: Evan Neal, OT, Bama

- At 6’8, 337 Lbs, Neal is a wildly athletic specimen, and with his best skills showing at RT, this would be the perfect long term fit next to Andrew Thomas on the other side, Cross may be the pick because of his pass blocking prowess and I understand that, but Neal is the better all-around prospect with a career at Alabama with top-tier coaching and experience. Only allowing 8 hurries in 1073 snaps in his final season and only age 21, Neal is the clear pick here for me.

6. Panthers: Malik Willis, QB, LIB

- I’m not a big fan of any QB in the first round here, but it has become clear that CAR is unhappy with their QB situation, and you can’t start anywhere until you address that. Rhule is on the hot seat, and if he stalls for another year he won’t have a job. I think this is a motivating factor for him trying to turn this team around now, rather than wait for the right guy, and for better or worse the top prospect and most exciting option to put fans in the seats is Willis.

7. Giants: Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE, ORE

- A slam dunk here. I am huge on Thibodeaux and believe he should go in the top 3, but if the Giants are lucky to have him fall here, they’d be fools to pass. A generational pass-rushing prospect who can either fit into the 3-4 this team just switched to or go back to a 4-3 if they revert to their new DC’s system. Either way, his speed, athleticism, bend, and explosiveness are perfect for what the Giants need off of the end, where he plays most of his snaps, 505 snaps outside of the tackle spot in 2021. Slam dunk here.

8. Falcons: Garrett Wilson, WR, OSU

- I am of the opinion that this pick should be traded down because the offense of ATL is abysmal and they need multiple first-round picks, but they currently have Tate, Byrd, and Zaccheaus in their WR room and Wilson would be a bonafide number 1 that could electrify that offense. Mariota is not the greatest guy to throw the ball to him, but that isn’t the point, ATL needs someone to be in that WR1 spot and Wilson can be that guy.

9. Seahawks: Charles Cross, OT, MISS ST

- Cross is a great fit for a rebuilding offensive line. Sure there are lots of parts of this team that need to be fixed right now, but if they are going to let Drew Lock run this offense they need a good pass protector. Charles Cross allowed 2 sacks and 14 hurries in 919 snaps, and at LT, protecting the QB’s blindside is incredibly important, Cross can do that job while SEA develops around him. And at 9, SEA is getting him at a steal of a spot.

10. Jets: Jameson Williams, WR, BAMA

- After solidifying their secondary, the only other option besides the WR room is to address the RT spot, but since Cross is the last top-tier tackle to go, I think the Jets would pivot here and build their offense for Wilson. Zach Wilson is a deep ball threat, and one of his biggest issues so far has been that he hasn’t had time to get the ball downfield, Williams can take a short route and make it into a big play or be a big-play threat, making him perfect for this developing offense and making this WR room dangerous.

11. Commanders: Kyle Hamilton, S, ND

- I understand that WAS has spots to address, but they can fill up the rest of their roster in different ways, but this is a "best player available" situation where Kyle Hamilton falls into the double digits and WAS capitalizes. Bobby McCain is not the long-term answer for them at FS and playing with Kam Curl allows Hamilton to play in a 2-high set that doesn’t show his lack of speed and embraces his play recognition and zone ability. Good fit for Hamilton.

12. Vikings: Derek Stingley Jr, CB, LSU

- Vikings are kind of in an awkward spot here but they can make the most of it. One of their biggest pitfalls last season was their secondary, and Stingley can be a great fit with his measurables and some of the tape we’ve seen on him over his time at LSU. His injury issues have dropped him down to this spot and it may hinder him in the league, but MIN has depth and can afford for him to heal properly if he needs to if he gets injured over the course of the season, and he’d be able to learn under Pat Pete.

13. Texans: George Karlaftis, EDGE, PUR

- Karlaftis brings an interesting game to HOU and one that should benefit all of their defense. Karlaftis is the type of pass rusher who doesn’t always show up on the box score but puts a lot of pressure on opposing backfields and can put in consistent efforts. He has a very high pass-rushing grade and while HOU could have picked a pass rusher earlier, they get a good one here with 2 more picks in the top 20.

14. Lions (traded 32, 34 and next years 2nd with 2024s R6 to BAL for 14 and 2023 R3): Devin Lloyd, LB, UTAH

- The Lions need an identity on each level of their defense, They are hoping Okudah can be that guy for them in the secondary, they get Walker in this mock to be that guy for them on the DL, and now they make a move to get a great defensive QB in Devin Lloyd. His end-to-end ability as well as his IQ and physical traits should do WONDERS for this Lions LB core that has seemed pretty inept and lost in their last few years. Jumping above the Eagles for the top LB will be seen as aggressive but they need to be aggressive.

15. Eagles: Nakobe Dean, LB, UGA

- Despite missing out on Lloyd, PHI still lucks out here with the fastest and rangiest linebacker in the draft. PHI needs speed at the LB spot, as they are starting to get old/outdated at the position with TJ Edwards and Kyzir White being their starters, Dean can become the leader of this defense even with a strong team around him, in fact, the guys like Reddick, Barnett, Cox, and Graham can teach him the ropes while he uses his athleticism and speed to make up for other shortcomings

16. Texans: Jordan Davis, DT, UGA

- Davis is an athletic freak and while I’d rather see him go to LAC to see him work with the new defensive stars they have over there, Houston really needs a DT. They have Roy Lopez at NT and Maliek Collins at DT, this would be a huge upgrade and Davis has the potential to blow up offensive lines across the league, too good to pass up with the need at 16

17. Chargers: Kenyon Green, IOL, TX A&M

- With Brenden Jaimes at RG and Matt Feiler at LG, the Chargers are less than fully equipped on the OL, and this is an issue that has plagued them before. Green offers not only size and pass blocking, but versatility, as his ability to play either of the 2 guard spots or the Center spot is what I think gets him taken before Zion Johnson. The Chargers will have the flexibility to move him to the right or left side depending on what they do the rest of the draft and offseason and can move him around if things aren’t working out early on.

18. Eagles: Trent McDuffie, CB, WAS

- I don’t think anything is really a “no-brainer” at this point, but it would be hard for me to see a scenario where PHI can get McDuffie at 18 and don’t do so. While he does lack some size, McDuffie is prolific in Man-to-Man with the flexibility to play zone in a hybrid defense. He only ever allowed 2 “deep” receptions in his college career and didn’t allow more than 39 yards in any game in 2021, the same crazy number as Sauce Gardner, not as much recognition. He has work to do in terms of taking risks and leaving himself vulnerable against larger wideouts, but this is a great spot for him to learn and get playing time both early on.

19. Texans: Drake London, WR, USC

- Drake London falling to this spot would be a blessing for HOU, as the only reason he drops this far is his injury concerns from last season. A large deep-threat target for Davis Mills is necessary if you really want to build around him and the size and high-pointing ability that London offers is second-to-none in this class. He still has some work to do on his route running and there are concerns about his foot health, but at 19, London to Houston would be a great fit for their offense as they continue to fill out the roster.

20. Steelers: Tyler Smith, OT, Tulsa

- While it may seem like a bit of a reach, there are always a few picks that make people scratch their heads, and regardless I’ve seen Smith mocked in the first round in other situations. Smith was the best run-blocker in the nation last year statistically, and he has the ability to be moved to guard. He also only allowed 5 hurries in 446 pass-blocking snaps this season, so he can do it on the passing end as well. Najee Harris averaged a bad YPC last season, the best run-blocker in the nation might be able to change that.

21. Patriots: Chris Olave, WR, OSU

- Many NE fans want to hear Jameson Williams’ name called tonight, but perhaps they’ll be okay with hearing the name of his former teammate at OSU. Olave, who displayed great speed, YAC ability, and a twitchy release at the line, could be a great fit for a west coast offense like NE and he may have some familiarity with Mac Jones or at least the system he was successful in. Olave can be an outside guy or be moved into the slot, but he is an exciting player that makes things happen, and that is all NE is asking for from their next star WR.

22. Packers: George Pickens, WR, UGA

- I am not saying this is who I would pick here, but it is what makes sense to me from a managerial perspective. After losing Davante Adams, a big, fast WR who can make big plays downfield is necessary, and that is exactly what Pickens brings to the field. He has a questionable injury history, coming off of a torn ACL and just having one game to prove himself after coming back, and there are worries about his straight-line speed, but If I am GB and I am looking for a deep ball threat for Rodgers at this point after missing out on the top 4 WR’s, I’d either trade down or take a risk that could pay off big dividends in the future, and that’s what I believe Pickens is.

23. Cardinals: Zion Johnson, IOL, BC

- While it isn’t the most exciting pick by any means, Zion Johnson is a good pick here for an interior offensive line with big concerns on who can play this year and in the future. Johnson is a guy that can be a day 1 plug and play. At 22 years old he has enough experience, he has started in multiple positions and has had several big games against great opponents such as VT, FSU, and Clemson.

24. Cowboys, Devonte Wyatt, UGA

- Wyatt, like Travon Walker, was one of the more underappreciated parts of what made UGA the best defense in the nation in the shadow of Jordan Davis, however, he is now in the spotlight after an impressive combine/pro day and more time to look at his tape. Wyatt has explosive athleticism on the inside that could be absolutely deadly when paired with Demarcus Lawrence’s burst from the outside that could make offensive line coaches have nightmares. Wyatt has an intimidating game that saw him get 17 hurries last season and 33 in his freshman season.

25. Bills: Skyy Moore, WR, WMU

- Another pick that may come as a surprise to some, but not many who have seen Moore’s tape. The Bills are attempting to replace Cole Beasley in the slot and Moore is the perfect guy to do so. With blazing speed and a great release off of the line, Moore’s wiry 5’10” 195 Lbs frame actually disarms defensive backs but he is still lethal on the outside just as much as he can be in the slot. With 125 targets and 1291 yards last season, Moore has proven himself as a guy who can find open space and make himself an asset there, which is exactly the role he’d be replacing Beasley for in BUF.

26. Titans: Tyler Linderbaum, C, Iowa

- A pick that I think will be underrated by many, Tyler Linderbaum can start instantly wherever he goes. TEN needs some interior OL help, and as the highest-graded prospect at C PFF has ever seen and film that backs it up, Linderbaum can be an instant asset to an offense that prioritizes running up the middle as their main point of attack. His lack of size is slightly concerning to some, but his tape shows that he is much stronger than most people at his position which allows him to carry less weight and use his explosive athleticism instead. The Titans get a day 1 starter here.

27. Vikings (traded 46, 77, and 2023 R2 pick to TB for 27): Jermaine Johnson II, EDGE, FSU

- The slide finally stops for Johnson as he gets taken by MIN in the first round still, but loses a lot of money in the process as he expected to be top 15. My problem with Johnson is that he doesn’t have a multiplicity of pass-rushing moves and his lack of size makes him reliant on speed and burst to get past professional offensive linemen and he is already 23 years old. Despite this, he is an amazing run stuffer who can contribute to a team on day 1, and I think MIN needs that as a team that is trying to capitalize on a rapidly-closing window for their team to be successful in its current form. They need an edge NOW and I think this is a good spot for them to trade up for one that can play game 1.

28. Packers: Trevor Penning, OT, UNI

- I believe Penning is a work in progress project and there are other OL that could be more productive on day 1, but Penning offers an incredibly large frame and a great set of run blocking skills. He is 6’7 and 321 LBs and has historic numbers in the run-blocking game according to PFF. The issues are that he has slightly slower feet than the rest of the class, struggles with uber-athletic edge rushers, and that most of his experience is against FCS teams, but given time and the right coaching he could end up being an absolute force that no end wants to line up across from.

29. Chiefs: Treylon Burks, WR, ARK

- For the Chiefs, replacing Tyreek Hill is no easy task, and they should start but not trying to replace his incredibly unique set of skills, but rather just his position. Burks is a player that is certainly different from Hill, but the potential to be a lethal threat lined up with Mahomes nonetheless. He’s got wildly good speed for someone of his weight and uses his size and prototypical build to compete with the best of them when it comes to jump balls, which Mahomes throws his fair share of. With 16.9 yards/reception, Burks has always been a big-play threat, and the Chiefs are looking to find the best one of those they can get after losing maybe the best deep threat in the league.

30. Chiefs: Kaiir Elam, CB, UF

- Elam has great size and length, and since he is just now turning 21 years old there is plenty of upsides to go off of. He only allowed 19 catches in 36 targets last season and was one of the only bright spots on that UF defense. He struggles with stronger receivers and needs to work on beating receivers on the line of scrimmage, but Elam is a great fit for a team that continuously got torched by every star WR they saw last season.

31. Bengals: Bernhard Raimann, OT, CMU

- A developmental project for sure, Raimann was playing TE a couple of years ago and is still learning the position, but his natural talent is a given, and his PFF grade of 94.6, as well as his 6 hurries allowed in 895 snaps, suggests there is certainly something to go on here. While his game clearly needs refinement, he has definitive skills that show when he didn’t allow a single pressure in his last 6 career games. There is potential to explore here.

32. Ravens: Andrew Booth Jr. CB, CLEM

- Booth is not an instant starter, but there is a lot of depth in the BAL secondary that can be useful to help him learn and develop Booth into a versatile threat. Allowing 29 receptions on 47 targets and 2 TDs, he has shown that he has the ability to be a shutdown corner at times, the problem is that he sometimes bites on fakes and overplays certain alignments that put him in a tough position to succeed at the next level. He will learn by mistakes, but the key is that he learns, and the Ravens have a great development system.

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