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NFL Final Mock Draft and Big Board

Sorry for the hiatus to those reading this, but draft day is finally here, and I figured we'd celebrate with one final mock draft of what I think WILL happen (not should) and my final big board. To address the elephant in the room, yes I know I haven't been posting as many scouting reports as I did in past years. To address this from a human element for a second, it is just hard to motivate myself to post them when I know less than 20 people are going to look at it over the course of a month. I still love doing it and will continue to do so, but I've spent more time this draft season sending out my reports and thoughts to different teams in hopes of joining a staff to do this full-time, wishful thinking? Maybe, but that doesn't change the objective.

I write all of this to say, I am sorry for not providing as much draft information this year, I hope this mock and big board give some information on who I am high and low on this season.

Breaking this down a bit, the first 4 picks are pretty standard, the 5th pick may raise some eyebrows, but I get a feeling that Denver has been lurking in the shadows trying to put something together, JJ McCarthy works in the type of system Payton ran last year (heavy run/play action) where he won't have to do as much and gets to run a west-coast offense, and after last season I think Denver wants to make it known that they don't want to be the team with QB issues for another year. Jumping in front of the Giants would be the only way they could ensure that they could get their guy, and I think he is their guy.

I also have the Rams trading into the top 10 and the 49ers into the top 15. I don't think the Falcons best move would be making a pick at 8 if the board shakes out the way I think it will, they'd be better suited to move back for a DB, and picking one at 8 would be a mistake. The Rams have Alaric Jackson and aging Rob Havenstein at their tackle spots and can't afford another year of Stafford sidelined with injury, this move makes sense for both parties, and we all know LAR is okay with trading future picks to improve their current roster, there have been rumors of LAR trading into the top 10, I think this is why. From the 49ers perspective, they are in win-now mode and need help in the secondary. With as many needs as the Saints have, they should welcome a trade back for more draft assets, and SF grabbing Terrion Arnold would be huge for them. We've seen SF be more aggressive in recent drafts because of their win-now situation and I think we see it again tonight.

Lastly, I leave you with my 2 round big board, the top 64 players in the draft in my opinion. Happy draft day and I hope all of your teams pick the player you want them to.


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