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Way Too Early Power Rankings of Round Robin Teams

8. Flyers: I had a lot of people on Twitter tell me this team was the hottest before the world stopped, but that was 4 months ago.  Their forwards are great: Giroux, Voreck, JVR, Hayes and his massive contract, Courtier are all threats to score at will.  But that defense I don't know, I don't trust them, Braun and Nisky were risky older D in a league built on speed.   Lastly, they will roll with Brian Elliot in the postseason and I still think Carter Hart was called up a year too soon. 7. Lightning:  Yes, I know this team is WAY too low, but with Stamkos injured and their recent playoff failures have made me very skeptical!  Many told me they will be fine, they got Kuch, Point, Hedman Killorn, and Vasy in the net.  If there is a year to break this narrative of 'can't get it done,' this is the year, COVID be damned! 6. Knights:  Big fish in a small pond known as the Pacific division, Vegas is good, but the sugar high of a new team is wearing off, sure they got Tuch, Marchy, Patches, Karlsson, Schmidt, Stephenson, and others.  But this feels like a team with a bunch of parts and not a true leader.  Fluery is still a good goalie, but there is a LOT of mileage on those tires, Robin Lehner is a decent backup option if things go south.  With a stacked Central division and some sneaky good teams below them, an early exit isn't out of the cards.  5. Stars: The Stars are built on their Stars: Jamie Benn, Seguin, Corey Perry John Klingberg, Paleviski, Radulov, this team will go as far as Ben Bishop's body will take them.  Dallas has a chance to surprise this year and I like their system after getting rid of Snorlax (Ken Hitckcock)   Asa long as they don't wear, those awful Winter Classic Jerseys, sign me up for another deep run.  4. Blues:  They are the current, reigning and DEFENDING Stanley Cup Champions, getting healthy after a long layoff, though some questions remain.  Can this team do it all again and repeat like Pittsburgh?  Can Bennington be elite in the postseason again?  Can Ryan O Reilly continue to be elite?  Their scoring depth is there, so don't count them out until the final buzzer.  3. Capitals:  Let see  Ovi, Oshie, Backy: CHECK    Vrana, Wilson (BASTARD!) Kuzy: Check, John Carlson and his amazing year: Check, Defensive Depth: Check, Brandon Holtby: Check.  Yep, everything is accounted for and the Capitals are ready for another Cup run.  Keep an eye on the young defense in AA and Fevherary, and once again we will get the annual Pens Vs Caps playoff matchup. 2. Avalanche:  This is my favorite team in the West if not all the land, I wish I could have watched more of them during the season but working 1st shift, I couldn't, I know sad for me.  Mckinnon, Landeskog, and new addition Kadri are excellent, adding barbs, Calder finalist Cale Makar, Ian Cole, JT Compher and I love all of it.  Colorado hasn't seen a Cup since Raymond Bourque and they could pull it off.  Now watch they lost early because I am the kiss of death!  1. Bruins:  Boston is out of revenge after last year's loss and they got the forwards to do it:  Pasta( if he returns) Buergon and Marchand,  they added from the farm club and free agency, even shedding dead weight in David Backes. Tukka Rask is one of the best playoff goalies and will need to do so again, even with Halas as his backup.  Their D is pretty good whether in scoring: [Krug Krejci] or wearing you down with Mcavoy and Chara.  Boston is the best in the East and the land as of right now.   Let's drop the puck and get this going, I've missed you hockey! That's my opinion    Follow me on twitter @RBloss64 for sports, hockey and some weird stuff too 

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