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Introducing my new segment: Game Over

Hello and good Saturday to everyone. Normally, this time of year the Stanley Cup finals would be done, we'd be celebrating a new champion, and looking forward to the NHL draft. Unfortunately because of the whole Global pandemic thing, that's not the case.  This week, the NHL move into phase two of its return to play. As NHL teams return to their respective ranks for a small team workouts and individual exercises. Team such as the Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers were all at their respective facilities, practicing for the upcoming play in rounds. As a desperate hockey fan, this was a welcome sight indeed. Unlike, MLB it's nice to see a league try to move forward and get up and running amidst all this craziness. The NHL also announced on Thursday, that phase 3 of the return-to-play would include training camp starting up July 10th. While this would probably be a small minicamp to get players back up and running , there is still no word on when the extended playoffs will start or what Hub cities will be used.  Although some Hockey Outlets are reporting that Las Vegas already been confirmed as a Hub City with an expected announcement to come June 22nd. There are still some people who do not want to see these expanded playoffs happen, and would much rather see the season outright canceled and restart everything in October. While this is a valid argument, I have not heard a single one of these people explain why this is a good thing. Anyway, before we end I'd like to try and do a yearly tradition that I do for each team that is eliminated on this page. This is a little something I like to call Game Over! Where I take a look at each team and figure out what went wrong with them, with the help of the ice analytic podcast we also take a look at what the analytics thought about this team, gaze into the crystal hockey puck and see a future and hack theories about the squad and give my thoughts about each team.  I'll get these podcast minisodes up at a later date, as the first team will be the Detroit Red Wings. Stay safe everyone as we continue to reopen this great country of ours. That's My Opinion 

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