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The Source's MLB Picks for 8/1/2020

We had an off day yesterday in a flurry of confusing comebacks and early deficits, so onto today's slate which contains more experienced pitchers and thus, more of a sample size to evaluate from.

Without further ado here are our picks for today.

*As always we recommend the picks that we have written out, however, this is not to say that you cannot craft your own parlay/bet based on what you see, this is simply to show the data our model has gathered to give us all the best chance to win

As you can see our top pick of the day is the Padres by a LONG shot. While the Indians provide a good % differential, their offensive disadvantage against the Twins and the tight line provided by vegas don't really spell out L-O-C-K. The Padres have started the season very well and will be facing Kyle Freeland, who does a lot of things worse than Joey Lucchesi of the Padres, but nothing better. Additionally, the bullpen for Colorado is exhausted, and if they don't get a lot out of Freeland I don't see how they escape this game without suffering the consequences for it. The Padres are the pick of the day, and if you want to parlay it, our best pairing would be the Yankees based on the advantages they carry, as they simply overmatch their opponent here.

You know what to do, DM us at @sourcepodcast11 if you have any questions and let's get back on the winning track.

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