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The Source's Premium MLB Picks 7/31/2020

Ok, so we went +2.07 on our model yesterday and congratulations on those who trailed the 2 team parlay between the Indians and Dodgers. Today the action is slim, as the MLB slate contains several games who's starting pitchers are either new prospects or haven't pitched in over a year, but our model did pick out a few value spots for us to poach.

*the unit size for the last over is 1x

So as you can see our model favors the Rangers, Braves, and Indians today, however, the Indians are a more mid-level play (although we will still put a unit on it). Meanwhile, the Rangers game will also see the wind blowing 8MPH out towards the outfield, and while Mike Minor should hold the Giants to little runs, I believe this game could go over as we hit the bullpens. Another key note here is that both the Rangers and Braves have advantages in the three main categories: Value, lineup, and pitching, for that reason we have decided to make this a 1.5x-2x unit parlay for our riskier bettors. It is rare that this is suggested but in this small slate we see some magic happening and I want to capitalize early in the season when value lines are skewed.

Stay tuned to our twitter @sourcepodcast11 and DM us if you have any questions! This is currently open to all the public but we will soon be making our betting picks subscriber-exclusive which will still be completely free of charge! Thanks for betting with us and let's make some money today!

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