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The Source's Premium Picks for MLB 7/30/2020

Here are our model-projected picks for 7/30/2020 for the MLB. We currently sit at +9.56 units early on and we hope to continue that streak today with my favorite picks being the Indians (currently at + money with Bieber on the mound) who I would have taken up to -125, and the Dodgers who are only at -154 at the D-Backs, perhaps due to Ross Stripling being an underrated pitcher. We here at The Source take all of our own picks, but we will never tell you who to take, we simply put the best evidence towards our predictions out based on what we see in the projections. However, we do consider the Indians and Dodgers TOP plays today along with monitoring the lines of the Reds, Jays, and Mets. It should be a fun one so stay tuned, keep in touch with us on Twitter @sourcepodcast11 and tell your gambling buddies to hop on the free ride! Good luck and see ya tomorrow.

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